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JD7 is a specialised technology provider focussed on Pipeline Assessments and Inspection solutions.

JD7 have pioneered none-disruptive pressurised water main CCTV and NDT condition assessment technologies with support from the UK’s leading utility and water companies.

JD7 are proud to be strategic partners of Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions, GL Noble Denton and members of a technology development consortium with Yorkshire Water and Morrison Utility Solutions Ltd.

JD7 also has international partners including Wachs Water Services covering USA, Canada & Mexico, Blue Gold - covering the Middle East and Water Worx Northern and Southern Ireland.

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Latest Developments...

  • JD7 win prestigious award at The Pipeline Industries Guild Annual Dinner and Awards 2013
  • JD7 commercially launch its live gas insertion sensor system.
  • JD7 release revolutionary Bullet technology.
  • LDS1000 completes 30km of surveys in March in London, Mexico and Seven Trent Water
  • LDS1000 is the only leakage technology to identify leak on transmission main in UK

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JD7 launch Live Gas Insertion Sensor System

JD7 Bullet System

Live Gas Insertion Sensor System

In 2013 JD7 commercially launch its live gas insertion sensor system. This technology incorporates not only high resolution CCTV camera sensors but also a highly sensitive hydrophone and high powered sonde system. The hydrohpone is used for precise leak detection and pinpointing purposes.

The hydrophone and software is sensitive enough to detect the smallest of leaks within low pressure gas distribution systems. Full leakage acoustic signatures can be displayed graphically or using the conventional audio output as headphones and HD CCTV live images allow the operator to validate the full survey.

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LDS1000™ System

lds-1000 lds-1000 lds-1000

JD7 introduce new LDS1000™ system with advanced features.

The LDS1000™ system is the most advanced long distance CCTV and leak detection system available for use within pressurised trunk mains.

The LDS1000™ is capable of 1000m surveys and includes state of the art High Definition CCTV technology coupled with ultra-high response hydrophone technology for precise leakage and acoustic surveys. All technology is compiled into one small sensor head, allowing all systems to be run together which drastically increases survey distances per day.

Key benefits of the technology, include the ability to launch the system through small pressure fittings, air valves, gate valves and pillar style fire hydrants as seen in USA and Canada. Utilising such network components, drastically reduces implementation costs and eliminates excavation requirements which has been a huge driver for the technology.

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