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JD7 - About

About JD7

JD7 is a specialized technology provider focused on Pipeline Assessments and Inspection solutions.

JD7 have pioneered none-disruptive pressurized water main CCTV and NDT condition assessment technologies with support from the UK’s leading utility and water companies.

Our design and development engineers are at the forefront of NDT, CCTV and acoustic technology with a huge portfolio of pipeline industry, Ministry of Defense, medical and nuclear engineering products.

Our fully trained operatives are available 24/7 to sustain our clients requirements, and are ready to be deployed anywhere around the world.

JD7’s business model is simple; we have the best industry engineers and we partner the best organizations in specific fields. Following this model has allowed the JD7 brand to grow significantly throughout the water industry with an ongoing international technology exploitation programme.

Background of JD7 technology

JD7 Ltd were approached in 2005 to develop a camera system that could be operated under live mains pressure and be navigated through an existing hydrant into the tee piece position of a water main. This would be the first time world wide a camera was inserted through a live fire hydrant directly into a clean water system with no disruption to supplies.

JD7 proceeded to develop an inspection system with a capability of a distance up to 100 metres which is now marketed as the Investigator & Investigator+. The natural progression was to a tethered system for the larger diameter mains over longer distances and thus evolved the LDS1000.

A system which can travel up to 1km in a water main and report back CCTV and acoustics combined in the same head for leakage and verification purposes.

It is considered that the LDS1000 in the future will be capable of surveying over 5km on a tethered system still allowing the CCTV and acoustics to be transmitted back live to the operator.

In 2008 JD7 achieved recognition by winning best new innovation award from UKSTT

Capabilities of devices:

  • Investigating pipe wall conditions
  • Material validation
  • Sediment issues
  • Seeking ferrules
  • Location of blockages or closed valves
  • Reasons for water discolouration / water quality issues
  • Life expectancy of the pipe
  • Condition assessment
  • Mains renewal prioritization
  • Asset management budget validation

The internal tethered devices now has the added features of:

  • A location Sonde (to locate above ground by using a locator).
  • Record facility to capture data.
  • On screen distance overlay to record camera distance in the main.
  • A highly sensitive combined hydrophone & camera head.

Other Benefits:

  • GPS tracking and plotting
  • Direct Import of data to GIS
  • Attachment of video to GIS
  • Validation of Asset management plans
  • Audit trail of Asset management budgets
  • Location of unknown mains locations
  • Knowledge of pipelines without need for excavation