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Philippines and Middle East companies tap into hi-tech equipment for operations - September 2011

Water companies in the Philippines and Middle East are tapping into the JD7 “Investigator” to survey their distribution system.

The “Investigator” is a CCTV acoustic leak detection system from the United Kingdom that enables pressurised pipe inspection of 500mm and smaller diameter of pipes without interrupting water service. The device can even be launched through fire hydrants, pressure fittings, air valves, and gate valves.

Aside from making investigations without service interruption possible, the “Investigator” lessens traffic obstruction by minimizing road excavations necessary to check the pipes. The device’s system camera, hydrophone and sonde technology detect the actual location of the leak from the surface and marks it for repair. It also enables overall pipe condition assessment; help trace illegal connections, unknown pipes, and possible sources of water quality issues.

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