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Pipeline Condition Assessment

JD7 Gas Insertion System

Live Gas Insertion System

In 2013 JD7 commercially launch its live gas insertion sensor system. This technology incorporates not only high resolution CCTV camera sensors but also a highly sensitive hydrophone and high powered sonde system. The hydrohpone is used for precise leak detection and pinpointing purposes.

The hydrophone and software is sensitive enough to detect the smallest of leaks within low pressure gas distribution systems. Full leakage acoustic signatures can be displayed graphically or using the conventional audio output as headphones and HD CCTV live images allow the operator to validate the full survey.

The system includes a pressurised launch and feed system which allows safe and consistent feeding of the system during live insertion work. There are no products available within the gas industry that will match the JD7 technology in terms of multi sensor performance coupled with extreme robustness and quality.