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Pipeline Condition Assessment


Hydrant Cam Hydrant Camera

JD7’s Hydrant Camera is the most unique product and won the UKSTT innovation award for the technology. The system is a true none-excavation technology and can travel up to 20m with or against the water flow. To date over 8,000 individual investigations have been carried out through fire hydrants. The technology includes the capability to navigate past loose jumper hydrants, buried hydrants and pillar style hydrants. Over 88% success rate is now achievable using this technology. Maximum operating pressure is 16 bar.

Utilising the hydrant camera, allows a true understanding of your network to be understood without the need for excavation.

Key Benefits:

  • None excavation and use of fire hydrants
  • Lining Quality Assessments
  • Identifying preferred materials
  • Investigate water quality issues
  • Pre-post flushing surveys
  • Tuberculation assessments
  • Hydraulic grading of pipework
  • General condition assessments
  • Sediment assessments
  • Valve assessments

HydrantCam Key Features:

Manual or electronic launch and drive mechanism
High Resolution Camera head
Control station and software with built-in recording and exporting options
JD7 support software
Portable 20m Cable Drum
Loose Jumper mechanism (please enquire)