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Pipeline Condition Assessment

JD7 Bullet™ System

JD7 Bullet System JD7 Bullet System JD7 Bullet System

The JD7 Bullet™ is a pressurised pipework leak detection system with hydrophone and CCTV capability. For 3in. diameter pipework and above (including transmission mains) for complete leakage examination and localising.

Access to pipework is possible through full bore fire hydrants*, 1.5in. (38.1mm) and above fittings, air valves, gate valves and Quadrina’s at full mains pressure.

  • Effective in all materials and pipe sizes
  • 500m system capability
  • Pressurised insertion and seal technology
  • On-board Hydrophone for leak detection
  • Sonde for above ground location
  • Simple operation
  • Data analysis and reporting software

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