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Pipeline Condition Assessment


NDT PipeScanner Ultrasonic manipulator Ultrasonic probes

In Nov 2011 JD7 successfully completed the PipeScanner product development as part of a consortium with UK companies Yorkshire Water, Balfour Beatty Utilities and Morrisons Utilities. The project was completed and the final product exceeded all expectations in terms of data captured from the technology.

The Jd7 PipeScan+ is an internal ultrasonic manipulator incorporating focussed ultrasonic probes coupled with a hi-resolution camera system. The PipeScan+ allows pipework of all materials to be scanned, allowing a full dimensional survey to be achieved including multiple wall thickness measurement, corrosion and flaw identification along with lining thickness. Using this system allows accurate remaining life expectancy of the pipework to be calculated where thousands of measurements can be acquired in minutes. The PipeScan+ is configured onto a 100m semi-flexible umbilical, therefore offering 100m maximum capability. This allows pipework to be scanned along the full length giving reliable data on true asset condition.

The PipeScan+ will not be matched with regards to the quality and detail of data captured from the technology and unlike magnetic flux leakage tools the PipeScan+ not only gives average wall thickness readings, but also fully detailed structural assessments.

For further information please contact a member of our team or contact a member of theJD7/BBUSL/YW/MUSL consortium.