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Pipe Scan


PipeScan NDT PipeScan

The PipeScan is an external NDT manipulator designed specifically for pipework to allow precise condition assessment and evaluation. The system uses multiple ultrasonic probes to measure parent material, pit depths and general corrosion. The system is fully automatic and traverses electronically around the circumference of the pipework. For defect analysis there is a XY raster sequence that can be installed. Using this system, allows accurate remaining life expectancy of the pipework to be calculated where thousands of measurements can be acquired in minutes. The NDT system is designed and controlled by JD7 Group specifically for the pipe line industry. Maximum operating pressure is 16 bar.

The PipeScan system will reliably give results even on cast irons which will cause problems for conventional measurement systems. This is achieved due to selected ultrasonic transducers that are matched for this application and not a general purpose transducer.

Using the PipeScan technology on your network will allow you to truly understand the structural condition, life expectancy and corrosion levels.

Key benefits of PipeScan:

  • Precise condition assessment
  • Parent material analysis and measurement
  • Corrosion measurements
  • Multiple readings obtainable
  • Reliability of data and process
  • Life expectancy of assets
  • XY raster scanning for defect analysis, bell and flange assessments